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Powerful Healing Crystal Available!



Crystals are living Souls, that can change your life. Crystals can help you in any situation-Love, finances, Success, Education, Health, Beauty Attraction etc. Crystals has the energy of Mother Gia ,and this is where we came from, so the mother earth has the powers to solve all our problems, As a gift to humans she gave this to us.

Boost Your Manifestation


Attract More Money, Improve Health, Attract Positivity, Heal Relationships.

Attract More Money, Good Health,Beauty,Good Relationships with Crystals

Crystals are used by so many Healers and Occultists in their Practices,Every Crystal has it's own different power and energies. If you work with Crystal magic Sincerily you can Manifest any thing and solve any problem.

If you are confused about crystals or what crystal can help you then you can freely whatsapp us.

Apoorva Sharma

Improve Your Health,

Attract Positivity & Heal Relationships

Powerful Healing Crystal Available!

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Powerful Healing Crystal



How to Cleanse & Charge Crystals?

If you have decided to buy from us then we will only dispatch after Energisation process and Pooja so that it work well for you, But you need to maintain the Energies, Crystals are living souls and they too absorb energies like us. To remove negative energies you need to cleanse them and Reprogram after every 15 days. The easiest way is to place them over selenite plate ,selenite is the only crystal that does not need to cleanse and if you place something over the crystal, that crystal itself will get cleansed.So lets discuss how to cleanse the crystal:

  • Place them under Running Water.
  • Place them over a Selenite Plate.
  • Draw Reiki Cleansing Symbols.
  • Hold the Crystal and Visualise a white Light Coming from the Universe and Filling in your Crystal and Cleansing It.
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